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The Castleton Dress

These dresses have been a long time coming. 


I have always loved vintage nighties. They were always the first things I'd look for in opp shops. The way they sat on my body, hugging me in around my waist and floating down to the floor. I always felt like they fit me better than anything I could ever find in a store.

Unfortunately, a lot of them were see through and I didn't feel like I could wear them everywhere. This spawned the idea of the Castleton dress.

I found this one nighty, it was sheer around the bust and made from a satin rayon, the cut was just beautiful. It fit me like a glove. I wanted to wear it everywhere, however at the time I was working in TV on a hit cooking show and it wasn't really all that appropriate to wear to work.

I decided then and there I needed to make a dress with a similar cut to this old nighty, but make it as sustainably and ethically as possible.

I sketched what I wanted, adding length to the bottom, double lining it and changing the adjustable straps to ties instead so there would be no plastic whatsoever on the dress. 

Next mission ~ choosing a fabric.


For me, the most sustainable fabric I could think of was to use dead stock cotton from local fabric stores.This meant I wasn't ordering more fabric from overseas, and just using whatever fabric I could find around Aus that was already made and available. 

I finally found a fabric that would work with the dress style and that would also be compatible with natural dyes.

Next, I got a wonderful local dressmaker Caterina Monea from Caterina Co on board and she made the patterns and made the dresses from her home studio in Geelong. She has been so incredibly patient, kind and helpful and I am so honoured to have her turn my idea into reality.

All dresses are made by hand by Cat and all coloured dresses are hand dyed by me in Jan Juc using natural plant dyes. Dresses are 100% cotton and are reminiscent of dreamy vintage slip nighties, only more versatile!


These dresses have been such a huge labour of love and I hope you all like them! 

Lots of love,






The Castleton Dress

 The Fit

This dress is a beautiful A-line cut, and super flattering on all figures.
It comes in around the waist, and flows gently just above the ankles.
The whole dress is double lined, which means it's not see through. It's also the perfect dress to go bra-less in as the fitted bust gently holds you in whilst still allowing lots of fluid movement. As a no bra gal myself, I live in this dress!
To get the dress on, pop it on over your head. Because the dress is tailored in around the waist, it can be tricky to step into so it's highly recommended to pop it on over your head!
There is absolutely nothing worse than buying something online and having it arrive and it just doesn't work for you. So as long as it hasn't been worn and there are no marks etc. I will happily refund it for you if you let me know within 5 days of receiving it!


Size XS - Equivalent to an AU size 6

Size S- Equivalent to an AU 8/ small 10

Size M- Equivalent to an AU 10-12

Size L- Equivalent to an AU 12-14

Size XL- Equivalent to an AU 16-18