Castleton Collective


Heya, I'm Caitie. The gal behind Castleton Collective.

My goodness, what a journey this has been!

From ceramics and recycled silver jewellery, to naturally dyed, sustainably made dresses, to bedding.... Its been a crazy ass year!

I'm based on the Surf Coast in Jan Juc, where I have a tiny studio in my home. All of my pieces are made by hand with lots and lots of love.

This year I've been experimenting in fashion, bed linens, natural dyes and ceramics. I often get asked why I keep adding more things to my packed plate and I could never could put my finger on why. However I'm having one of those 'late twenties' realisations...

My Dad is one of those people that never slows down. Never chills out. Always goes from one thing to the next. He has a million things going on at any given time, and most people that know him don't know how (or why) he does it.

Growing up I'd wonder, why the heck won't you just relax?

It has only just occurred to me that I am very, very similar.  

I get incredibly excited learning new things and experimenting with different techniques. Which I think is what sparked my interest in all these different avenues. I have about five fingers in eleven different pies right now and honestly, aside from being a bit overwhelmed sometimes, I absolutely adore it.

 I love ceramics, its one of those crafts where I don't think you can ever be a master in it. Sometimes shit happens, sometimes unexpected magic happens. You'll never know until you open up the kiln lid. Which after a glaze firing feels like Christmas- when things turn out okay!   

Natural dyes are a new thing I've been experimenting with, and I am obsessed. It's so incredible the depth of colour you can achieve using plants, I'm just in awe.

I don't really know what else more to say about myself, but that's me for now.

Thank you so much for coming to my website and supporting my work. It means the absolute world to me. Any questions or just feel like chatting, shoot me an email at !

Lots of Love,

Caitie xxxxxxx